York cuts smart911 program, saving county nearly $100k

(MGN Online)

York county will save $99,000 annually by discontinuing its contract with smart911.

The county started using the program in 2015 to help first responders get important informations regarding specific individuals they are assisting.

The way the program worked is citizens were able to make profiles including info like floor plans or health concerns. This information would then be available to first responder to be able to better assist that person and their needs.

One of the reasons the county is cutting the program is low usage, only 3,000 York county residents have created profiles less than 1% of the county's population. Even less have renewed their profiles, a bi-yearly requirement, meaning only 1,000 residents were actively using smart911.

Doug Hoke York's vice president commissioner said, “In a budget year when we vowed to not increase taxes, we could not justify paying $99,000 for a service that was used by so few people.”

If you already have a smart911 profile there is no need to delete it, your profile will still show up if you call 911 from a different county that has the program.

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