York businesses help mothers balance work and family life


For most moms, work-life balance is easier said than done. Several working moms in York are now achieving that balance by making work and life one in the same. They're taking their babies to work with them everyday.

When people stop in to Arthur & Daughters in downtown York, they expect to see clothes. But they should also expect to see 15-month-old Reed.

"People love the baby obviously so it’s a lot of fun," said Arthur & Daughters owner Hilary Arthur.

Hilary Arthur is one of several moms in the city of York who owns a business and brings her baby to work. While it's challenging, Arthur says it means more bonding time with her baby, less money spent on childcare and Reed still gets daily socializing with others.

"There’s a lot of juggling. These are all things that are really good life lessons. It teaches them some patience. They know how to talk to people too," said Arthur.

A few blocks away, Rita Whitney has employed the same method at her store Prime Art Supply Co. She brings her seven-month-old Izzy to work.

"There are days where I get a ton of stuff done and there are days where I get absolutely nothing done, but all of those days I'm taking care of her and keeping her alive so every day is a win," said Whitney.

With her baby in one hand, she signs packages with the other. For Whitney, childcare costs were a big part of her decision.

If she relied on childcare, "I think we would probably break even and how worth it would it be for me to work?" said Whitney.

Both Arthur and Whitney say this could be the future of the working mother and hope it is.

"This is how these things start to change."

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