Wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of fallen York firefighters

The York City Fire and Rescue Department is grieving the loss of two of their own after a building collapsed with four of their firefighters inside Thursday afternoon.

According to officials, York City Firefighters Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony died after the fourth floor of the former Weaver Organ and Piano Factory building collapsed on top of them and two other firefighters while they were searching the building for the source of hotspots that had been flaring up since last night.

The widows of two York firefighters killed in a building collapse in March have filed a joint wrongful death lawsuit against a York engineering firm.

According to the lawsuit, Casey Flanscha, Ivan Flanscha's wife, and Allison Hoffman, Zachary Anthony's fiance, are suing the Carney Engineering Group, Inc. for professional negligence.

The lawsuit alleges Carney Engineering was responsible for determining the structural stability of the old Weaver Piano building and advising York firefighters about it's safety after fires broke out at the location on March 21.

According to the case documents, Carney defendants "informed members of the York City Fire Department that the structure of the building was sound and that the building was safe for entry by firefighters."

Ivan Flanscha and Zachary Anthony were killed after a portion of the building collapsed on top of them while they were putting out fire hot spots on March 22.

The lawsuit alleges Flanscha and Anthony's deaths "were directly the negligent, careless, intentional and/or reckless conduct of the Carney defendants."

According to the lawsuit, money damages are requested and the widows' lawyers are asking for a jury trial.

Initially C.S. Davidson, an engineering firm that contacts with the city of York, was named in the writ of summons.

However, they are not named in the lawsuit on file with the prothonatary's office.

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