Work is set to resume on construction of the Mariner East 2 Sunoco Pipeline


Back in January the DEP suspended work permits for the pipeline after finding string of violations by Sunoco.

After entering into a Consent Order and Agreement with the DEP, Sunoco agreed to pay $12.6 million in order to resume work on the pipeline.

In a statement the DEP says they’ve held Sunoco to the highest standard possible. A spokesperson for Sunoco says, while they strongly disagree with the DEP’s legal conclusions, they intend to fully comply with the Consent Order and Agreement.

Some who live near or above where the pipeline will run have a host of safety and environmental concerns.

The pipeline will run through Cecil Mcquain’s property. He says, “My primary concern is safety. These are proposed 24 inch pipelines carrying high pressure gaseous liquids that are very explosive.

If anything happens to the pipeline, These houses are gone. I’ve seen videos of these pipelines blowing up. They blow up and burn up everything within several hundred yards around them and destroy many things up to a quarter mile around.”

Mcquain adds, “They’re drilling below us approximately 130 feet to 180 feet to put these pipelines

In. Our wells in this area are generally at 160 180 feet. They’re disturbing the water table. I’m concerned of what is going to do to our water table what it’s going to do to the quality of the water.”

DEP officials say they will continue to monitor and enforce the conditions of the permits and won’t hesitate to take actions for any future violations.

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