Woman hit trash truck while driving under the influence


Harrisburg City Police have charged a woman with child endangerment and numerous other charges after she hit a trash truck while driving under the influence with her children in the car.

Ciara Morales, 24, was charged after police identified her based on a description from the driver of the trash truck.

The driver reported to police that the trash truck was stopped at a red light at the intersection of S. 17th Street and Brookwood Street when a car struck it twice from behind. A sanitation worker on the back of the trash truck was knocked to the ground by the impact. That worker refused treatment from EMS.

The truck driver took photos of the vehicle and license plate information. The photos included a description of the driver, a woman wearing a black and white striped shirt. The driver also reported to police that the woman's wrist was bleeding and that he saw children in the back of the car, unrestrained.

Police located the vehicle, a brown Honda van, in a parking lot. The vehicle had damage to the front end. Inside the vehicle, officers found an access card registered to a "Ciara Morales."

Officers went to the address associated with the access card and found a woman matching the description given by the trash truck driver.

According to police, Morales smelled of alcohol, had blood-shot eyes, was imbalanced and had slurred speech.

Police located four children in an upstairs bedroom of the house, alone.

Morales was placed under arrest by officers for driving under the influence, but resisted arrest, according to police.

Eventually Morales was transferred to the Dauphin County Booking Center. Child protective services was notified of the children.

An investigation revealed Morales did not have a valid driver license.

Morales was charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of children, driving under the influence, and resisting arrest, in addition to several other charges.

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