Clean up underway after severe weather passes through, leaving behind downed trees


Severe storms knock down trees and branches in the Community at Pineford in Middletown.

A large tree slammed into a home in Middletown during the severe weather event.

Fortunately no major visible damage was done to the home after a large tree crashed down on the house.

A tornado warning went into affect around 1:30 Monday afternoon.

There were several reports of trees and power lines down around Central Pennsylvania.

The bulk of the damage has been reported in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.

There were reports of hail and winds gusting up to 60 mph during the peak of the storm.

Fortunately no reports of injuries at this time.

Several power outages are also being reported after downed power lines in the area.

Crews are working diligently to get power back up and running.

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