WATCH | Harrisburg Police Awards and Swearing-in ceremony

Mayor Eric Papenfuse and Commissioner Thomas Carter will present awards to outstanding officers in a ceremony at the Forum Auditorium at the State Capital Complex.

The event recognizes officers who have distinguished themselves and the Harrisburg Bureau of Police by their exemplary bravery and praiseworthy deeds.

WATCH the ceremony below:

Newly hired officers:

  • Chad Showers
  • Benjamin R. Gainer
  • Carson P. O’Connor
  • Mitch C. Moyer
  • Ryan J. Bartlett

Promoted officers:

  • Jacob Pierce promoted to Detective

Officer Recognition:

  • PA DUI Association – DUI Top Gun Award: Officer Brandon Yeager

Award for Heroism:

  • Officer Nicholas Herbster
  • Officer Tony Elliott
  • Officer Matthew Novchich
  • Capitol Police Officer Douglas Klinefelter
  • Capitol Police Officer Michael Layton-Herron
  • Life Team EMS Bud Kauffman
  • Life Team EMS James Miller
  • Capitol Police Officer, now Harrisburg Police Officer Chad Showers
  • Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Shannon Eichenseer

Award for Bravery:

  • Officer Edwin Powell
  • Officer Angel Diaz
  • Corporal Eric Carter
  • Officer Robert Fleagle
  • Sgt. Tyron Meik
  • Cpl. Scott Johnsen
  • Officer Nicholas Herbster
  • Officer Daril Foose
  • Officer Brian Carriere
  • Officer Daniel Antoni
  • Attorney General Agent Daniel Jenkins
  • Dauphin County Sheriff’s Cpl. Jeffrey Teeter
  • Deputy Sheriff Maurice Edwards

Award for Valor:

  • Officer Chad McGowan
  • Officer Robert Fitzkee
  • Officer Francisco Gonzalez Jr.
  • Officer Martise Scott
  • Officer Brock Fasnacht
  • Dauphin Adult Probation Officer Naomi Morrow
  • Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Wesley Johnson

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