Victoria's Secret theft ring busted, thieves nabbed over $300K in goods on East Coast


Police say they carried out a number of robberies up and down the East Coast.

Their targets: Victoria's Secret stores.

They were allegedly part of an elaborate theft ring targeting stores up and down the East Coast.

"With these retail theft rings, they obviously have a market for them, they're reselling it somewhere," says Detective Paul Baur, Wyomissing Police Department.

Police say Lyric Mclaughin, Denote Griffin, James McCater, Tanika Greer and Justin Inman, all from the Baltimore area, could be behind the theft of $300,000 worth of merchandise from multiple Victoria's Secrets, and police say that includes $3,000 worth of stuff from the one in the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing.

"We find frequently with these organized retail theft rings that they hit multiple cities, multiple states, in essence, this is their job," says Detective Paul Baur, Wyomissing Police Department.

Police say four of the five suspects entered the Berkshire Mall Victoria's Secret just before 5 p.m. on Friday and started stuffing bags with garments.

Store employees confronted them, but police say Mclaughlin threatened them with pepper spray. They began to get away, then police found them.

"Spring Township police initially tried to stop them, the vehicle fled. During the pursuit, crashed into another car, the vehicle became disabled, all the occupants obviously fled,"says Detective Paul Baur, Wyomissing Police Department.

Police say the chase ended at the Grings Hill Estates area of Spring Township, just off Route 222. Four of the five were caught immediately and the last one, just a short time later.

The search involved police from eight departments, along with state police and sheriff's deputies. Authorities say no one was hurt during the crash or robbery.

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