Vets and their families greatly benefitting from Central PA Food Bank

CBS 21/Kristin Mazur

September is Hunger Action Month and the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank serves over 100,000 households every month.

Of those homes being served, a quarter of them has someone who has served in the military.

“Last year, 48,000,000 pounds of food went through the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank,” Executive Director of the Central PA Food Bank, Joe Arthur, said.

But the need for food is growing all the time.

“It’s only a year old and we’ve already served over 4,400 military households, over 10,000 people in those households,” Arthur said.

Arthur is talking about Military Share, a program aimed directly at help area veterans and their families get food.

Greg Stegall, a Navy veteran who works with the program, has been a big part of getting everything off the ground.

“Veterans I feel deserve the respect, and there are so many out there who are in need for various reasons, whether the skill set they have coming out, homelessness, PTSD,” Stegall said.

And yet, Stegall says it is common for a member of the military not to seek help.

“There are times when there is a stigma in that veterans step forward and say, ‘I need this,’” Stegall said.

The program is making things easier by bringing the food to places veterans already frequent, like local VFWs.

“I feel we have a moral obligation to take care of them. They have been there for us many times over the last 240 years, so I feel like we need to be there for them,” Stegall said.

The food bank relies on donations to keep the program growing and keep veterans and others from going hungry.

For more information, visit or call Greg Stegall at 717-564-1700 (ext. 2315).

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