Union rights rally


As blockbuster Supreme Court case, some fear could cripple the power of public unions.

Upwards of 400 union rights activists are expected to rally in Harrisburg on Tuesday, as the wait for the Supreme Court to rule on Janus vs AFSCME

The Supreme Court heard arguments on the case earlier this year after Mark Janus, a public employee in Illinois who is not a member of a public union, claims that the law allowing unions to require him to pay agency fees violates his First Amendment

Union rights advocates say even public employees who are not members of the union benefit from the collective bargaining of that union, and therefore should pay for the union’s representation.

While Janus argues he has a constitutional right not to contribute to a union with which he disagrees, union rights fear if the Supreme Court sides with Janus it could spell death for collective bargaining and strong public unions

Andy Hilt, an SEIU member, says,

“The Janus decision is something that is being supported by corporations to make sure that working people don’t have the right to collective bargaining and to union representation.”

The Supreme Court Is expected to rule

On the case by the end of the month.

The decision could affect about 5 million government workers in 24 states, including Pennsylvania.

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