Truckers up in arms over new government mandate


A new logging device mandated by the government has some truckers up in arms.

"Your driving the truck, but someone else is telling you what you can and cannot do, and I don't agree with that," said Ricky Wagner, a trucker.

It's a device that is firing up truck drivers here in Pennsylvania.

Ricky Warner is a trucker and has been for fifteen years. He says the new E-L-D or Electronic Logging Device will take away from a truckers way of trucking.

"Everything that truck does these things can monitor...and no, if I'm out on the road making my own schedule I'm going to do my own thing," said Wagner.

Rod Coupal with Triple K has many truckers come through his shop.

"You got drivers that embrace it, other drivers that are old school they just drawing it on lines and doing it on paper," said Rod Coupal, owner of Triple K.

The new way will mark every move or when your not on the move.

"Your entering it into the E-L-D that your starting your day, when you are on duty, not driving, your logging that, when you are taking a break," said Coupal.

With more trucks on the road the governments motive is more safety for the truck driver and others passing by.

"The ELD is physically going to tell you when you've run out of driving time, no matter where that is you are going to have to bed down," said Coupal.

Warner believes it goes beyond safety.

"I personally don't even think all of this is because of truck fatigue and the legalities of everything, the industry that we are, it's a money thing," said Warner.

The mandate goes into effect on December 18th.

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