Tracking a messy winter storm, could be a close call for Central Pa. this weekend


    We continue to track a messy winter storm that will be coming across the Country as we head into the weekend. This storm will bring a wintry mess to areas to our South and West but is looking like a near miss for Central Pennsylvania.

    The storm will form across Texas on Friday and eventually bring snow and a wintry mix through Oklahoma, Arkansas and the Tennessee Valley. By Sunday it will be entering the Mid-Atlantic States, bringing more wintry weather into the Virginia's and along the I-81 Corridor. As it creeps toward Central Pennsylvania it will clash with a ridge of high pressure and a dry air mass. It's this shield of high pressure that will act as a block and push the storm away from us and out to sea.

    Keep in mind that we are still a few days away from the storm heading toward us, and forecasts can always change as future model data becomes more accurate the closer we are to an actual weather event. For now, expect some additional clouds, but a dry stretch. We will let you know of any changes in advance of the weekend!

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