Tips to avoid frozen pipes

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The last thing you need to worry about with all this snow is having to call a plumber or repair person for frozen pipes.

Plumbers and hardware store owners say you just have to be prepared.

Hornungs Ace Hardware store -- bustling before the storm.

"Lots of salt, people buying snow blowers left and right shovels all the good stuff," Jason Hornung.

Don't forget about pipes!

"This was all sold out, and the hooks were full. We sold out of everything in a day or two," says Hornung, remembering a storm a few years ago.

He says check your home for drafty rooms.

"That little amount of air, being that it’s so cold, could freeze a pipe very quickly so you want to insulate those widows insulate those pipes that will prevent freezing."

He recommends heat tap: "Plug it into the wall wrap it around your pipe that will prevent the pipes from freezing."

Or pipe insulation. A burst pipe could be pricey.

"With the extreme cold right now it’s going to be hard to keep up but we’ll do our best," says plumber Hubert Wilson.

He's prepping for a busy weekend. He says you need to watch out for sitting water.

"Any sitting water closed to two feet around any exterior wall you want to drain those pipes especially if the water is not being used on a regular basis."

For example a garden hose, or even a water heater, if you're planning to be out of town.

Wilson says some people forget water powers some heating systems.

"So if you’re not using your radiators, you have a vacant property that was being used and is not being used right now, you want to drain that boiler, you want to get all the water out of the plumbing for the heating and the piping."

Hornung says it's better to be safe than sorry.

"Even 12 inches of pipe exposed without heat tape on it would be enough to freeze and burst."

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