The Primaries are over and candidates are looking ahead in the race for Governer


With the Primary Election now behind them, the race for Governor is now getting started.

Inside a small cafe in York County, Governor Tom Wolf and his new running mate Braddock Mayor John Fetterman shared lunch.

The duo is getting ready to hit the campaign trail starting now.

“The key is to develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust and I think John has things that he knows a lot better than I do and I’m going to rely on him and I think will learn from each other, but I think the key is communication and will figure this out as we go along,” Governor Wolf said.

John Fetterman, a small town mayor from Western Pennsylvania and York County native ousted current Lieutenant Governor Mike stack in the primaries.

The duo, side by side, a stark contrast, but say they share a united front.

“He deserves to have a partner in his second term that understands that role and could be a close work partner with the Governor,” Fetterman said.

Across the aisle- Republican State Senator Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos shared the stage in York last night, fired up and ready to get to work.

“The trucks are empty and ready to go,” Wagner said.

Unlike Wolf and Fetterman, the two have been campaigning together for the past six months.

They says they’re hoping to win in November and bring change to Harrisburg.

“I’m running because hardworking Pennsylvanians shouldn't have a governor whose only focus is how to get more of their paycheck. We can and should have a Governor who knows how hard it is to earn that money,” Senator Wagner said.

“He attracts a following from all walks of life, all ages, all socioeconomic backgrounds from farmers to CEOs and everything in between,” Bartos said.

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