Susquehanna Valley EMS to expand into York County after half decade of planning


Starting June 1st Susquehanna Valley EMS will expand their coverage to Hallam Borough, Hallam Township, and Wrightsville Borough. It's a plan five years in the making.

Michael Fitzgibbons, the President and CEO of Susquehanna Valley EMS said, "We've been trying to expand our services to offer more types, different types of services to other municipalities so we can expand and increase our revenue stream."

While they anticipated low reimbursement rates with their expansion plan, other EMS providers are still struggling with it. Susquehanna Valley says like those providers they've taken a hit too but it's been a smaller one.

"We had really planned about five years ago for this reimbursement change to be happening so when we put the plan together expansion was part of that along with some other types of revenue generating items," said Fitzgibbons.

For those that are struggling one lawmaker has a bill moving through the senate that he says could help EMS providers bring in more revenue.

Representative Stephen Barrar said, "There's confusion in the state law whether the ambulance can bill when they render first aid but don't transport the patient so we're trying to clear up confusion."

Barrar says this means if an ambulance goes on a call and cares for a patient in some capacity they'll get paid regardless of whether they transport someone to the hospital. He says he's scare to see what will happen if something doesn't change.

"If we don't do some things to help our ambulance companies some day our constituents are going to pick up the phone, dial 911, and no ones going to respond," said Barrar.

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