Susquehanna water levels continues to rise as river ice melts


Officials with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission say they’ll be keep an extra close eye on the river over the next few days. Rain that fell in the watershed to the northwest of Harrisburg will make its way to the area by this weekend, by Monday morning the Susquehanna is forecasted to crest at 10.3 feet. that’s below Harrisburg’s stage of 11 feet, and well below the flood stage of 17 feet. But, ice coverage is at 100 percent in the Harrisburg area and officials say ice jams can be tough to forecast and happen quickly.

John Balay, manager of planning and operations for Susquehanna River Basin Commission says, “we’re not currently having a forecast for flooding but, given those rises with 100 percent ice coverage in the area, we’ll be looking at the effect on ice break up and any potential for ice jam.” Balay adds, “certainly, this warm spell on top of that kind of ice cover and an increase in streamflow resulting from rainfall is something we’ll want to keep an eye one.”

With colder temperatures returning next week, the river is expected to recede and levels should get back to normal.

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