Students react to hate crimes on campus, police investigating


Police at Millersville University are continuing to investigate after they discovered multiple hate crimes occurred on their campus.

Students are eager to know if the people or person responsible is one of their own.

"Knowing that somebody here did that shocks me," Nick Pryor, a freshman student said.

Another student said it's scary.

Hate crimes happening on campus is not a typical friday night conversation.

"I'm really surprised that this happened at Millersville because our students are always supporting each other, making sure that we're all a big happy community," Willow Peluso explained.

Officials with the university said they too were caught off guard when they first found graffiti in a bathroom last week. They soon learned it was not an isolated incident.

"The first one was a swasticka and the second one said I hate Jews," Janet Kacskos, the school's Director of Communications, said.

Then on Friday, police found more hate. This time, racial slurs targeting blacks.

All three markings were found inside men's bathrooms in three different campus buildings.

"It's just so upsetting to know that people exist out there with hate in their heart like that," Elizabeth Sweet said.

Students said the campus is diverse, but some say the current culture in the U.S. is allowing for hate to happen anywhere.

"You never really know who your true friends are. Like those people probably had different races of friends yet their still writing hate crimes on the walls," Bianca McWhorter said.

As the university quiets down for the weekend, police are continuing to find the people responsible.

If you have any information about the incidents, contact Millersville University police at 717-871-4357.

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