"Street Soldiers" spreading kindness in York City


A group of people in York are going door-to-door to spread messages of hope throughout the community.

Already this month the city of York has lost one person to gunfire. And this weekend two people were shot in a neighborhood park.

The group calls themselves the "Street Soldiers." They are relentless. The walk around ever couple of weeks speaking with people in the community.

This week they had a goal to spread the word about the shootings locally.

"There has been a lot of violence and shootings in this area," Larry Walltower, the Senior Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church, said to a Marrin Mitzel, who was outside her home on West Locust Street.

The two spoke about the shooting.

"We’re killing each other when we should be coming together as one and doing something to go against it rather than everybody going along with it," Mitzel explained.

The '"soldiers" also listened to concerns people had.

"We need more cops around here," Ramón Rodriguez said. "Because I never see police around here."

Rodriguez said his sister was getting out of her car yesterday when someone pushed her from behind and hijaked her car.

"What id the baby was in the car?" Rodriguez explained.

The "street soldiers"' goal is to make their backyard a better place to live, work and play.

Most of the people in the group are members of Shiloh Baptist Church.

"The word Shiloh literally means a place of peace," explained Pastor Walltower. "So what we want this community to know is that we want to live up to the expectations of our name.."

Just across the street from where they worship two people were shot on Saturday.

"As a matter of fact we adopted this park," Walltower continued. "So we take this personal."

But you don’t have to be a member of the church to join the group.

On Wednesday York’s Mayor took part in the walk. Part of Wednesday's goal was is to give people a personal invitation to a community-wide meeting to stop the violence.

"If you don’t say nothing, even your presence means a lot," Walltower said to one man sitting on the street. "We need to hear from you because you see what we don’t see."

That community wide meeting is being held at the Shiloh Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 740 West Locust Street, on Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Organizers are encouraging everyone to attend with their concerns about the community and possible solutions to address some of the issues.

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