Some PA utility companies required to give customers refund

Some PA utility company customers getting a refund

The PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) says that many utility customers will see lower bills come July 1st. The lower rates are because of President Trump's tax relief plan.

The PUC is requiring monthly credit on customer bills for 17 major electric, natural gas, and water and wastewater utilities.

This negative surcharge totals to more than $320-million per year.

The refunds given out are a result of the decrease in federal corporate tax rates and other tax changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that took effect in January.

Pennsylvania-American Water, PPL, UGI Gas, and MetEd are utility companies among the 17 required to return federal tax savings to consumers.

PUC states that this action follows an investigation into the effects of federal tax reform on the rates charged by Commission-regulated utilities.

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