Some farmers are eligible for financial help after a very rainy summer


Financial help is available for farmers affected by historic amounts of rain this year.

Farmers in 14 Pennsylvania counties including Lebanon, York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin and Lancaster are eligible to get disaster relief funding.

“I never saw rain like this before,” said Jon Strite, co-owner at Strites’ Orchard in Dauphin County.

Strite is looking forward to a drier 2019 after his fields at Strites’ Orchard near Harrisburg were soaked this summer. His summer crops took a hit of about 20 percent.

“Rain is just not usually a problem like it was this year. Not even just damaging your crops it was getting into your fields, to take proper care of the crops at the time so you just had more weed pressure, more disease pressure. We even had tomatoes that were cracking and splitting just because they couldn’t handle all the rain they were getting at one time,” said Strite.

Farming is an industry with strong ties to the economic success of Pennsylvania. One in seven jobs are dependent on agriculture in the state.

“The weather is uncertain. There’s a lot of uncertainty that goes along with being in farming period. This just makes that uncertainty a little bit easier to bear and it makes planning for the next season a little more doable,” said Shannon Powers, PA Department of Agriculture Press Secretary.

The money is coming from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Farmers in disaster zones can apply to get payment extensions on low interest loans. Farmers can also apply to get compensated for losses due to weather and get small business loans.

It’s still not clear how big of a financial hit the state agriculture business took this year.

If you’re a farmer and need financial help CLICK HERE.

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