“She’s a fighter" | Local girl surprised with Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World

Laine Eberly

Four-year old Laine Eberly spent Friday night jumping around with a smile on her face.

"Look at me bounce, mom,” she said.

The four-year old from East Earl, Lancaster County isn’t letting cancer hold her back.

“You would never know she has brain cancer, you would’ve never guessed it. She’s been happy throughout the whole process and just she makes it extremely easy,” her father Dan Eberly said.

She was diagnosed just a little over a year ago and has been going through chemotherapy and radiation at Penn State Children's Hospital.

“She’s a fighter, she’s a strong little girl,” her Mom Lea Eberly said.

But Friday night was a celebration, because Make-A-Wish announced that Laine’s wish had been granted and the family of three will be heading to Disney World in December.

They held a reveal party at Sky Zone in Lancaster to announce it.

In between jumps we caught up with the energetic four year old and asked her who she’s excited to see in Disney World.

“Minnie and Mickey,” she said.

For her parents, the trip is a welcome distraction from the hospital.

“For us right now, after the last year we had, financially, we wouldn’t be able to take her to Disney, so they’re really doing what we wouldn’t be able to do and it also is been a huge motivator for her throughout this process,” her mom Lea said.

And for those behind the reveal, like Cristen Hempstead—kids like Laine are the reason she volunteers.

“They’ve been through so much over the past year two years, so this is a really great way to give back to the family and have them do something really fun,” Hempstead said.

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