Sherman creek flooding has neighbors on alert


Sherman Creek rises to levels locals haven't seen in a few years.

"That piece of ground has been really heavily saturated, a lot of runoff," Joe Grazan, Nearby Resident.

It's a bad combination that meets at the Sherman Creek.

Rising waters passing through a nearby neighborhood.

"I know there are some houses down here along 34 that it's really creeping up in their backyard," said Grazan.

Too close for comfort for Joe who tried to make his way down creek road. This is not possible. Creek waters inundating normally well traveled side roads.

"None stop snow, rain, I'm ready for some warm weather," said Chisolm.

Ryan Chisolm lives right along the creek.

"It's definitely a lot higher than normal, it's moving pretty fast," said Chisolm.

Even with a flood warning he's not concerned since his house is high enough away from the rushing creek waters. Safety is a bigger concern.

"Pets, kids we don't let them go near this when its this high, it's definitely pretty dangerous," said Chisolm.

Joe agrees, the weather lately is too much. The grounds just can't dry out.

"Even when the suns been out, there's been a lot of water," said Grazan.

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