Planning a night out? Here are tips to keep you safe in bars


In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in California, would you know what to do if someone started shooting around you?

“It’s just the society, the open society we live in which we all love. Unfortunately it also comes with risks and dangers,” said Brian Krause, Vulnerability Solutions Group Chief Security Officer.

Safety is a priority for bars and nightclubs along 2nd Street in downtown Harrisburg, including Café Fresco and Level 2 dance club. Owner Brian Fertenbaugh is taking a proactive approach to prevent violence in his business. His employees are required to pat down patrons as they enter the club.

They check bags and require people to check their coats.

“There are things that happen out there that sometimes are going to be beyond our control. You always have to be watching. You always have to be alert and aware and everything that’s going on,” said Brian Fertenbaugh, Café Fresco and Level 2 owner.

If someone opens fire near you the first thing you need to do is get away from that person.

Help others escape, if possible, then call 911 when you’re safe.

“I think we have to start putting pieces of the puzzle together and try to understand these individuals, what sets them off and hopefully find a way to address it before it happens,” said Krause.

Security experts say the best thing you can do to stay safe is to be aware. Know what’s going on around you and report behavior that seems out of place.

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