Safe Harbour shines a light on homelessness in Cumberland County

CBS 21

Nearly two dozen volunteers spent hours outside Saturday evening to raise awareness about homelessness.

While the weather impacted Safe Harbour's 15th annual "One night without a home" event, the message still got out to the volunteers.

"One night without a home" takes place on the campus of Dickinson College. Volunteers typically spend one night in makeshift tents outdoors to get a taste of what homelessness is like.

"It helps them understand the plight of homelessness in Carlisle and Cumberland County," says volunteer Jeff Gibelius. "We are a county seat so there's a lot of services here but there's also a lot of people in need of housing."

President and CEO of Safe Harbour, Scott Shewell, says the need for shelter is staying steady.

"We have just not seen a drop off in the need. When you don't have a choice, but its something you have to do every day, that's a completely different challenge," he said of the "One night without a home" event.

Safe Harbour houses 70 to 100 people per night in its three facilities.

For more on Safe Harbour and how you can help fight homelessness, click here.

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