Rutter's sends support to Hurricane Harvey victims

Rutter's sends support to Hurricane Harvey victims

YORK -- Rutter's has planned relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims through donations of Rutter's brand bottled drinks, and allowing customers to make in-store donations or to contribute through coffee purchases.

Now through October 1, Rutter's will donate 10 cents per cup of coffee sold up to $10,000 through the American Red Cross. They will also collect coin canister donations.

United Natural Foods (UNFI) and Martin's Chips are also partnering with Rutter's to send truck loads of drinks, chips, personal care items, and other supplies to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Just like many others, we have been watching the news and seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Supporting fellow Americans in a time of need and working with the Red Cross to assist the victims is central to our core values,” said Derek Gaskins, Chief Customer Officer for Rutter's.

Rutter's has more than 68 convenience store locations across central PA, as well as a dairy business the operates within the Mid-Atlantic region.

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