Judge retirement question on PA ballot has caused concerns

Judge retirement question on PA ballot has caused concerns

A hot button question you'll see when you cast your vote is one about the retirement age of judges in the state.

It's a question that two former Supreme Court justices are trying to change just a week or so from Election Day. Those two justices and a Philadelphia lawyer involved in the suit are asking a federal court to rule the question unconstitutional.

Professor Michael Dimino of Widener Law said," The idea that a ballot measure might become a partisan tug of war is hardly a new phenomenon."

He said this election has been one of the most divisive but the question on the ballot in Pennsylvania has both parties at odd.

"The problem is the wording of the ballot makes it appear whether we’re going to institute a retirement age," Dimino said.

The questions asks if the retirement age for judges should be raised but what's missing is that there's already a retirement age of 70 in place. Dimino said this could raise some questions in the ballot box.

"If voters vote no...where as we vote yes the retirement age is raised from 70 to 75," Dimino said.

He said there's multiple reasons why people could pick yes or no. They may have an opinion on retirement age but with the only Republican chief justice sitting on the court now and set to retire this year, the phrasing has raised questions.

Dimino said, "You have to kind of read between the lines and figure out why it's Republicans who tend to promote this measure and why the Democrats seem to oppose it."

The suit continues to be deadlocked in the state supreme court.

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