Residents worried about potential flooding


With rain forecast through the weekend there’s a strong potential for flash flooding in low lying areas.

Some people in Dauphin County say they’re on edge after flash flooding caused major damage last year.

“Believe me, every time it rains I pray. Please lord, don’t let my basement flood”, Stephanie Vanaskie, who lives on Wilson Street in Middletown, said.

With the ground already totally saturated, some people say they fear the drainage system won’t be able to handle the rain we see over the next few days.

After an already wet week that’s been filled with severe thunder storms and even some tornado warnings people are bracing themselves for another round of wild weather.

Stephanie Vanaskie says she’s already had to deal with water backing up into her basement once this week.

“Mother’s Day evening, I came home and was wondering why the WiFi wasn’t working..water came in again.”

Last July people had to be evacuated from homes and apartments along Wilson street after severe flash flooding .

“See where the windows are at the bottom? The water actually came up to there,” Vanaskie recalled as she pointed to the Woodlayne Court apartment building.

“Flash flooding is probably our biggest risk right now”, Stephen Libhart, who works with the Dauphin County Department of Public Safety, said.

While Dauphin County officials say we’re not likely to see any major flooding from overflowing rivers or creeks over the next few days, a lot of us will have to deal with flash flooding in low lying areas.

“Any further rain that we receive or any other precipitation, there’s going to be run off.

If there’s any kind of current to the water, two inches of water is enough to upend a car”, Libhart added.

Rain is forecast in central Pennsylvania well in to next week.

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