Residents react to deadly officer shooting in their neighborhood

Neighbors in the area of the deadly officer shooting Harrisburg said they woke up this morning to sounds of sirens.

The first neighbor we spoke to said he’s lived here 40 years and while he feels safe he does say crime has gotten worse.

He said he feels like with everything going on everyone needs to be armed.

Another neighbor said she has a two year old daughter who she’s scared to raise in an area where these things are happening.

People who live here tell us at this point they’re really just trying to wrap their minds around what occurred.

"It’s terrible. It’s really terrible that’s the reason people need to have their own pistol because you never know when somebody will run in to your house," said one neighbor.

"This is crazy," said another resident. "Every single time you look it’s always something different. I just feel as though we need to come back together as a community and do what we need to do."

The streets in the area are still blocked off and police are asking people to stay away if possible.

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