Central PA starts stocking up on salt and shovels as cold weather makes its way

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Some people are heading to local hardware stores already, gearing up for the first potential for ice and a slick commute.

Whether you like it or not, the cold weather has arrived.

It's time to start getting ready for ice and snow and some people are gearing up now, knowing it's not the snow to worry about but the ice and rain potential for tomorrow morning.

At Hornung's Ace Hardware, rock salt and shovels are organized for people to get ahead of mother nature.

Owner Bill Hornung tells us he did see people coming in today, talking about the light snowfall.

He says those people are getting ready for the possibility of a slick commute Monday and even the walk to your car.

But it's important you know just what you need to buy, so it works properly.

A lot of people sometimes come in and ask for macadam, they think they have to buy the special stuff. They can just use the cheap stuff. The halite or the rocksalt from macadam. but if you got a new concrete, no salt is good for new concrete. So if it's less than a year old especially less than two years old, they tell you, use sand.
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