Residents asking for help paying for damage following historic floods


People in central Pennsylvania are looking for help to pay for damage left behind from historic flooding.

“We lost memories and treasures,” said flood victim Mary ‘Renie’ Rush.

Rush is looking for financial help after flood waters damaged about $45,000 worth of belongings.

On Friday she shared her flood damage story with PEMA officials in Cumberland County.

Two feet of water damaged things in her basement including her furnace, water heater and freezers.

“It was just one of those overwhelming things with Christmas decorations floating around and just a mess in the basement and food spoiling in the freezers as they were floating around in the water,” said Rush.

Rush has insurance but because she was not home to see if water rose up from the ground, or if the sump pump malfunctioned, she says insurance will not cover her losses.

Flood victims are hoping their counties reach the threshold to qualify for a Small Business Administration disaster declaration to ease the financial burden. In order to get the declaration a county must have at least 25 homes or businesses with uninsured losses of at least 40%.

“If they’re loans obviously they’re going to have to pay that back but at least it would be at a very low interest rate compared to what they would get from a bank to replace all those things that they lost,” said Justin Shaulis, planning coordinator at the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety.

Lebanon County held a similar workshop Friday. York County will hold workshops on Tuesday, August 14th.

PEMA says they’ll have a better idea as to wherever or not counties qualify for aid in the next few days.

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