Resident donates rifles to DuBois police in light of Florida school shooting

Pictured are Cpl. Matthew D. Robertson, Perry Dinger and Chief Blaine Clark. (DuBois Police)

DUBOIS - A DuBois resident has donated two brand new, never used AR-15 rifles from his personal collection to the DuBois Police Department.

Perry Dinger decided to donate the rifles to the department after the Parkland shooting that claimed 17 lives.

“This is a very powerful weapon. It's a semi-automatic. It allows our officers to take shots, if you will, from a further distance and make an impact," said DuBois City police Chief Blaine Clark, showing off an AR-15 rifle.

Dinger said he no longer needed the weapons, "so he wanted to get rid of them,” Clark said. “He did not want those weapons to get into the hands of someone who shouldn't have them, so he thought the best place would be the police department."

Dinger said he actually bought his first AR-15 after the Sandy Hook massacre.

"They were talking about banning them and stuff like that, so I guess I kind of got caught up in the hype, so I went out and bought the one,” Dinger said. “It was about $2,000 at the time."

He never used that rifle or the gun he won two years ago. And the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, got him thinking.

"For me, I don't need them for home protection,” Dinger said. “I have no intentions of going to war with anybody, so I decided that I wanted to get rid of them."

Clark says it's a big help for the department, with 13 full-time and three part-time officers.

"We carry these AR-style weapons in our patrol vehicles,” Clark said. “Our officers have access to them. This now, with his donation, allows us to assign a AR rifle to each one of our officers."

Clark says recent school shooters have used AR-style weapons, and now, if they have to respond, they are on an even playing field.

"I'm glad that they're going to a place that I can feel confident that they'll be used for what they're intended," Dinger said.

"It was a great gesture. And again, it will be utilized in the right manner and they'll stay with the police department and be used throughout the career of the weapon," Clark said.

Dinger said he does have handguns for personal protection and some other shotguns he’s acquired over the years.

He says he's not anti-gun, but thinks there are commonsense steps the country can take to prevent these mass shootings.

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