PSP asking for public's help to solve I-81 murder, asking for dash cam footage


One victim, 48 hours, zero leads.

State troopers pleading for the public's help in finding the 1-81 killer today.

Three press conferences and still little has been released about the man found shot in the head on the side of Interstate 81 in West Hanover Township Monday night.

"We haven’t had the tip that has broken open the case," said Trooper Brent Miller Wednesday afternoon.

Trooper Miller says there is no camera along I-81 where 44 year-old Tyrone Shaw was found dead, a gunshot wound to the head.

Police are expanding their timeline. Shaw's body wasn't found until late in the night, but police are asking anyone who may have been driving in the area around rush hour to give them a call.

Especially anyone with a camera on their vehicle, particularly truckers. They're asking you to take a look, anything could help police.

"The footage may have captured critical information that may help solve the investigation specially on February 4th 2019 between 6pm and 11pm."

Police estimate the victims SUV to have been in the area around 6pm.

"We still have not set an exact time line on when that vehicle was there."

Shaw was found at 11:13 PM between the guardrail and the SUV, the hazard lights on, the passenger door open, with a flat rear tire.

"If anybody saw that vehicle on the interstates it could be interstate 81, interstate 83 we are unsure of the direction of travel we just now where we discovered the vehicle."

Trooper Miller says they've reached out to the trucking companies giving them GPS coordinates to check their records.

Miller says they've also knocked on doors in nearby neighborhoods to see if anyone heard or saw anything.

Anyone that saw the SUV anywhere in PA is asked to give them a call at 717-671-7500.

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