Proudly PA| Rutter's celebrates 98-years of farming


    One of the longest running exhibits at the Farm Show is a name you may recognize, Rutters. There are 72 Rutters’ convenience stores across 3 states. The farm and processing plant produce 50,000 gallons of milk per day.

    “We also well our milk and tea products to about 300 other stores”, said Rutters’ President Todd Rutter.

    It all started on this very farm three generations ago with just 8 bottles of milk.

    “The first day they left with 11 bottles of milk and they sold 8 and then they did it again the next day and wala here we our today”, said Todd Rutters.

    The creation of Rutters’ Convenience stores was back in 1968.

    “The thought lets get our own retail. We can charge what we want and help control our own destiny”, said Todd Rutters.

    Todd Rutters’ grandfather and his great uncle started the sale of milk back in 1921.

    “Their father died at an early age so they needed to get resourceful to support the seven kids in the family”, said Todd Rutter.

    At first they went door to door selling their extra milk to families that did not have dairy farms. The business took off.

    “We pick up the raw milk from the farms. We bring them back here. We pasteurize them. We homogenize it. We make it into 2 percent while milk or skim”, said Todd Rutter.

    The Rutters began farming way before they even started their business.

    “1747 so it’s 272 years old. That is when the Rutter family first discovered roots in York County. It’s the first recorded land ownership of my family descendants and it’s from William Penn’s grandson”, said Todd Rutter.

    Todd Rutter says his favorite part of the business besides the chocolate milk is that it is family owned.

    “I think it’s just Pennsylvania Dutch stubbornness ya know. We are just determined to make it work and we can stay as a family owned entity. We like controlling our own destiny”, said Todd Rutter.

    The Rutter family donated 6.2 million dollars last year to local charities as a thank you to Pennsylvania families for supporting their business the last 100 years.

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