Protecting and gearing up your home for the cold weather

Protecting and gearing up your home for the cold weather

Winter weather is here and it's only going to get worse with frigid temperatures and gusty wind in the forecast for the weekend here in central PA.

CBS 21 went to home expert Curt Fleck with Musser Builders to find out what you need to do to prep your home for he colder weather and keep it safe throughout the winter.

Hot air is going to rise so, so Fleck says reversing the fan, so it moves counter-clockwise, is going to push the hot air down to make you a little bit more comfortable. Running the fan on low speed, Fleck says, is a great way to help keep the heat down low in your home.

Another great tip, keeping the cabinets below your sink open. It's a great way to let some of the heat from inside the room go underneath the cabinet and keep your pipes warm and keep them from freezing. Of course, if you have little ones around make sure you remove all chemicals and cleaning products first.

Fleck says his company is constantly getting phone calls about water leaks and flooding, people unaware of how to shut the water off. Somewhere in your home, usually in the basement, there's going to be a shut-off valve. Some people have circular handles that twist, others that turn a handle that turns a quarter way. Fleck says you want to make sure you check your shut-off valve periodically so that when an emergency strikes you're not stuck with a stuck valve.

Lastly, don't forget about the pets! With dropping temperatures that water bowl outside is going to freeze as much as Fido will, so make sure your pet has access to fresh water.

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