Prisoner was wearing handcuffs, shackles when he drowned in Cocalico Creek


Officials continue to investigate the drowning death of a prisoner behind WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital.

Saturday night, Ephrata Police were dispatched to the hospital parking lot to help the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department with a prisoner who had escaped from captivity.

24-year-old Andrew D. Good had been taken the hospital for injuries, after having already been arrested on a bench warrant. He then escaped the deputies in the hospital parking, and ran into Cocalico Creek wearing handcuffs and a chain restraint belt.

"I hate to see somebody in trouble like that," said Dotty Hutchinson, of Denver.

On Saturday night, police said Good was still wearing handcuffs and shackles. His body was found an hour-and-a-half later.

"I would imagine having handcuffs on that he wouldn’t be able to swim but you still hate to see that happen," said Hutchinson.

Monday the DA's office told CBS 21 the autopsy showed only one anklet was fastened, not both. That's something they're still investigating.

"It was just fishy the whole story because he jumped in the water they said," said Maryjane Fillman, whose daughter lives in Ephrata.

An employee at a nearby restaurant was working Saturday night and said she heard gunshots. We also met one of Good's relatives, who didn't want to speak on camera but told CBS 21 she Good made a mistake. She said there's a lot more to the story, and she's grateful no one else was hurt.

"I feel so sorry for the family. He was only 23. There was another way they could have done this. There’s a lot of loose ends that I think," said Fillman.

The DA's office say it doesn't appear that a criminal act happened in the moments leading up to Good's death, but they are still investigating, sifting through evidence and talking to witnesses to be sure.


Prisoner identified after escaping, drowning in Ephrata creek

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