Possible tornado spreads damage around York County


The cleanup is underway in York and Lancaster Counties after a possible tornado blows through the area. Video shows a significant funnel cloud hitting the West York area around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, leaving some damage in its wake

"We saw the cloud. It was just instant funnel and then debris was everywhere from full sheets of plywood to insulation to roofing materal, lawn chairs and kid's picnic tables," said James Hope, Codes Enforcement Officer from the Borough of West York.

Hope was at the West York Fire Department along West Market Street when the funnel cloud passed through Tuesday afternoon. Immediately, first responders began getting a ton of calls for trees down, wires down and even a structural collapse. The "big ugly warehouse," as it is affectionately called, partially collapsed. The building along South Sumner Street lost a portion of its brick facade. The four story structure collapsed onto itself, causing a significant amount of damage.

After the initial search, Hope deemed the building to be unstable and condemned it until a structural engineer can take a look.

"Very significant damage and as we were here all night and into the morning, you could still hear bricks falling and other noises coming from the building," Hope said.

The South Sumner Street building is one of about a dozen calls for trees down on buildings or houses and roof collapses that York County received during the storm yesterday.

While driving around, we discovered a tree laying on a house in the 100 block of Richland Avenue and a roof collapse on Sheridan Street in York.

"It got bad quick and then it was gone and now this is what we are left with," said Hope.

Met Ed is also dealing with some significant power outages. For updated power numbers and restoration times,

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