Police seize computers in church "misconduct" probe


HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Police seized computers while searching a church in Hunlock Township on Wednesday morning.

Church members we spoke to were stunned to learn about the investigation.

Police walked out of the Roaring Brook Baptist Church with two computer towers.

Two church members we spoke with were surprised about the police search. One said he'd heard from a deacon who spoke to the pastor.

"Pastor Dan knows what's gonna happen, or, he knows what's happening, and he'll leave us know. He wants to pray about it for a while, then he's gonna reveal it to us,"says church member Jerry Hoover.

Hoover says he's been going to this church since the 1940s as a baby.

Another lifetime member is Arden Del Kanic, who drove down to see what was going on. He's seen police here before, but for a different reason.

"Once in a while, we had problems with people breaking in because it's a country church," says Del Kanic.

"Pretty shocking, yeah," says Hoover.

The pastor was in his office, but he told me he did not want to comment. A man also showed up later in a pickup truck and went into the office, but he waved me away on the way in.

"We have no idea what's going on," says Hoover. "I mean, he's a wonderful pastor and he's about the best there is ,so it must be something pretty serious."

"He's an exceptional pastor. Doesn't matter who, what, where or why, he walks the walk, he talks the talk," says Del Kanic.

Police say someone contacted them with an allegation that they're now investigating, but wouldn't give any details.

"We're here today at the Roaring Brook Baptist Church to investigate allegations of misconduct within the church," says Sgt. James Dunleavy, PSP Shickshinny station commander.

"At this point in the investigation, we're not prepared to make any statements as to the particulars of the allegations. The court has sealed the search warrant for a period of 60 days," says Dunleavy.

One neighbor goes to the Methodist church nearby, but has also attended activities here and says she even heard from the pastor on Tuesday about a planned visit to her home on Wednesday night.

"He called me last evening to see if it was OK to bring the young children down Christmas caroling. He's a very good pastor like that, very involved," says neighbor Linda Archavage.

"It's been a good, faithful little church. We've got a good group of people here," says Hoover.

Parishioners say Pastor Dan Brubaker has been there for about 40 years.

Police say anyone with information that may help in this investigation involving the church can contact the PSP Shickshinny baracks.

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