Police: Rumors fueling second threat investigation at Central York School District

The Central York School District has cancelled all afternoon and evening activities for Tuesday, February 20.

An updated statement on the district website says tonight's district playoff basketball game against Dallastown will be postponed.

Kids Club programs will be held as planned, and the Panther Pantry will be rescheduled.

According to the statement, police continue to investigate the threats. Updated information on rescheduled events will be provided as soon as possible.


The Springettsbury Township Police Department is investigating a second social media threat made towards Central York elementary and middle schools.

The Central York School District posted the following statement on their district web page:

"Please be aware that police are currently investigating a second social media post that included a threatening statement about our middle and elementary schools. As a result of this post and while police investigate, we will not hold outside recess or activities today.

We will share any updated information as it is available and are working closely with police to monitor the situation. If you have any additional concerns or information, please do not hesitate to law enforcement officials.

Thank you.

Central York School District"

On February 19, police were made aware of a potential threat of violence toward Central York High School. Currently the investigation has not uncovered any threats, according to a statement from the Springettsbury Township police.

Central York High School will have an increased police presence throughout the day as a precaution.

Springettsbury Township Police also released a statement about the threats against Central York High School. Part of that statement is posted below.

"The Springettsbury Township Police Department takes the safety of our students very seriously. We will relentlessly pursue any and all threats and potential threats to our schools. We would like to thank all school officials, parents, and concerned citizens who contacted both the department and the school with information regarding this potential threat. It is only through this level of cooperation that incidents of this nature can be addressed and our children can be assured the safest school environment possible. Please remain vigilant and follow the mantra “If you see something, say something”.

Sadly, as I am writing this, we are pursuing another threat to our schools and will give it as much attention as the above threat. All substantiated threats against our schools will be legally prosecuted to the greatest extent possible."

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