Police investigating if dog found buried was abused

Photo: East Hempfield Township Police

Police are looking for more information on a dog that was possibly abused before in was buried in a storage unit park in East Hempfield Township.

Officers were at the 500 block of Richardson Drive on May 3 for an unrelated reason when they discovered the makeshift grave on a wooded lot near the storage unit park.

The dog appeared to be a shepherd mix and was buried near a unit.

The dog was emaciated and appeared to have injuries, although police are unsure how the it died or if foul play was involved.

Surveillance footage showed a group of people, possible involved in the burial, walking to the wooded lot back on April 29.

The dog was wrapped in a blanket with colored school buses and math equations, as shown above.

Anyone with information is asked to contact East Hempfield Township Police Officer Sandman at 717-898-3103. Tips can also be submitted via CrimeWatch.

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