PennDOT preparing for winter weather


PennDOT crews are back at it, working to prepare the roads for Monday night's storm.

The salt shed was busy early in the day, Monday.

Morning crews were filling up their trucks for the afternoon and evening shifts.

PennDOT officials said they aren't too concerned about the major interstates that will see thousands of cars.

They'll continue to lay down salt there.

Less busy roads, like 322 will be treated differently, especially if we get sleet tomorrow.

"We need that traffic in order to make the salt mixture work. If not, things are just going to ice up, so in those cases we will be using a 50/50 mix," explained Mike Crochunis, a PennDOT spokesperson.

It's an anti-skid, like limestone mixed with salt.

The salt keeps things from freezing and the anti-skid will help with the traction.

Crochunis said if the snow turns over to sleet it could be more problematic.

"When sleet is coming down it really does wash away all of what we have put down on the road when it comes to salt or anti-skid. And we want to make sure that the roads stay treated so we have to keep hitting it and hitting it," said Crochunis.

Officials ask drives to be careful around their trucks.

They said keep your lights on and put at least a 6-car length difference between you and the truck.

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