PA woman raising awareness for ALS


A Pennsylvania woman is working to spread ALS awareness around the world.

Ann Swartz has been living with the neurological disease for many years.

Overtime it weakens muscles making it so they no longer work.

Swartz said for her the muscle weakness started in her hands and it's been progressing slowly.

Swartz explained that for many people the disease runs in the family.

She said seven people in her family have died as a result of the disease and now her son is showing symptoms.

“ You couldn't get it anymore, any way, in any aspect that I get the disease,” explained Swartz, as tears filled her eyes. “It's now taken my only child. The thing that I love more than my heart and soul.”

Swartz is devoting her time to spreading stories of people living with the disease.

She created a website and Facebook page for people to learn, ask questions and donate money to research.

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