PA voters weigh in on first presidential debate

CBS 21

In Carlisle, if you were looking for a place to watch Monday nights presidential debate, High Street was the place to be.

Watch parties were held at the Hillary Clinton campaign office and the Carlisle Theater across the street.

Inside the theater, nearly 500 people watched the candidates face off.

Jeff Shreck was one of them, "Donald is taking the bull by the horns and he's coming back with answers and challenging Hillary on facts and figures that don't add up."

Back across the street at the Clinton campaign office, the crowd was smaller, but it didn't take Susan Sweeney long to declare a winner, "It's obvious to me that Donald Trump doesn't have any ideas. He says he has plans but he doesn't tell you what they are. Hillary on the other hand tells you exactly what she wants to do."

This is the first debate between Clinton and Trump.

Dickinson College professor David O'Connell says the stakes couldn't be bigger, "An unprecedented number of viewers tuning in, maybe a hundred million people, Super Bowl level ratings and of course when you have that many people tune in you have people that are tuning in that don't have strong political opinions, the casual viewers that are interested in how Donald Trump is going to behave and what this election is all about and those people are the type of people that might be persuaded by debate."

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