Pa. National guard activated for record snowfall in Erie

Huron, Erie and Ottawa Counties declared Level Three Snow Emergencies.

21 Pennsylvania National Guard troops have been moved to active duty after record snowfall in Erie Pa.

53 inches of snow fell in Erie Pa. in just two days, forcing Governor Tom Wolf to activate members of the Pa. National guard to aid in the recovery effort.

Governor Wolf said, “Our National Guard members are trained to assist the citizens of our commonwealth during severe winter storms like Erie is experiencing right now.”

The Pa. National Guard will also provide a number of all terrain military vehicles to aid local agencies with medical emergencies, law enforcement responses and many other essential services.

“We are very fortunate that they live and work in our communities and are able to mobilize on short notice in order to provide the manpower and equipment needed in northwestern PA.” said Governor Wolf.

Pennsylvania has the third largest National Guard in the country with approximately 20,000 members located in more than 80 armories and readiness centers statewide.

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