PA House hopes to vote on budget tonight, possibly not until Friday


Lawmakers are rushing to pass a budget at the Capitol as credit downgrades loom.

This comes months after legislators passed a spending plan without a revenue package.

Right now the budget is headed back to the house floor for a vote that leaders are expecting to happen tonight, if not by Monday when the Senate has scheduled a session.

Lawmakers have been attempting to close the $2.2 billion dollar budget gap by Friday - a deadline that could affect the state's credit if it's not met.

The GOP authored the budget that the House is hoping to pass tonight. It includes advance borrowing against future state tobacco settlement payments and using surplus money from various special funds to pay for the already passed spending plan.

House democrats, on the other hand, were hoping for a budget that included a recurring revenue stream like raising the severance tax, and in the current version of the budget there are no tax increases.

Again if the house does not vote tonight, that vote likely wouldn't happen until Friday due to tomorrow's memorial for Rep. McNeill.

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