Organization using grants to revitalize South Allison Hill storefronts

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    Harrisburg businesses in one neighborhood are getting a facelift, thanks to several grants.

    The goal? Revitalize the South Allison Hill neighborhood.

    Tri-County Community Action is using 60 thousand dollars’ worth of grants to help business owners make new changes to their storefronts.

    For one business owner, the outside change has sparked a change inside as well.

    South Allison Hill is home to some of the most historic buildings in the city.

    "I love my store now, that’s why I’m still working now inside to do something nice," explained Karim Wouerd.

    This is Karim Wouerd's livelihood. He opened a grocery store here on Derry Street in 2007.

    "Anytime I see neighbors they say ,'oh you do a good job, it’s a good job. Looks better now, not like before you know .'"

    The facelift -- all thanks to grants.

    "There’s so many vibrant long-term local business that are here, amazing food something everyone should see, but they don’t always come up here," says Neighborhood Revitalization Manager Julie Walter.

    Anyone with a business on Market and Derry Streets between 13th and 17th streets can be part of the program.

    Tri-County Community Action says by the end of the year, 8 businesses will have a complete transformation.

    "I think the real benefit with people like Karim, that are coming into the neighborhood, who are entrepreneurs, who want to make a difference for their families and their communities."

    For Karim, the transformation made him want to remodel the inside. The grocery store now turning into a little Mediterranean restaurant.

    "It’s a big difference because I wanna make this location look nice you know. Derry Street, we work together, neighbors all neighbors."

    Tri-County Community action started the improvement program back in 2016.

    Next on the list is a sidewalk project, improving sidewalks and cross walks in South Allison Hill.

    Click here for an application to be part of the South Hill Allison Street Facade Program.

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