Online gaming could be coming to a Central Pennsylvania casino soon


    People could soon be gambling online through a handful of Pennsylvania casinos, including one in central Pennsylvania.

    It’s already legal to gamble online in Pennsylvania. Last year PA became the fourth state to legalize it, joining Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

    “There’s very little in this world that is not moving ahead technologically so gaming of course online is another inevitable step,” said Fred Lipkin, Hollywood Casino Vice President of Marketing.

    Nine casinos in PA, including Hollywood Casino in Dauphin County, are hoping to offer online gaming in the near future.

    In a petition sent to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the casinos are hoping to offer virtual slot machines and table games where the player would be going up against a computer. There’s also a request to offer poker where players would be up against other human players.

    The casinos would essentially be facilitating the online gaming, while bringing in a profit.

    “Tax revenue is going to be generated from all these types of gaming expansion. The internet gaming expansion, two-thirds of the tax revenue is going to go into that property tax reduction fund. So for all Pennsylvanians there should be more money being put into reducing school property taxes,” said Doug Harbach, PA Gaming Control Board Communications Director.

    Depending on when casinos submit their request to offer online gaming, it’ll cost casinos anywhere from four to upward of ten million dollars, with those fees going to the state.

    In terms of keeping underage gamblers offline, the state says there will be software to regulate who uses online gaming but admits it’s not one-hundred percent fool proof. There are also plans in place to limit online gaming for those with a gambling addiction.

    “There’ll be opportunities to self-ban yourself from these internet games. There’ll be opportunities to set up some type of restriction on your gambling amounts,” said Harbach.

    The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has 90 days to either approve or deny requests for online gaming.

    For a list of gambling addiction resources CLICK HERE.

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