One day left for Senate to take action on Window to Justice Bill


    All eyes are on the Senate as Pennsylvania Legislators move into their last day of session.

    As senators left their chambers Tuesday night there was still no word about if a vote would be brought to the table concerning the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims.

    The senators will start at 9 a.m. Wednesday and are expected to continue until late in the evening. Many people, specifically victims of child sexual abuse are hoping it will be a historic day.

    Democratic Senator Daylin Leach is one of them.

    “We are now down to 24 hours essentially and we are hoping there is still an opportunity to vote on something meaningful,” Leach said.

    Senate Bill 261 includes a retroactive component, a window that would allow past victims of child sexual abuse who are past their statute of limitations a chance to file civil suits.

    “This bill needs to change so that all victims can have their day in court,” Jim Vansickle, a victim himself, whose abuser is expected to appear in court tomorrow, said.

    Since the bill passed in the house victims have continued to flood the capitol with signs and messages for their senators, but time for convincing is running out.

    “We're as close as we've ever been. it would be a shame to get this far with this much effort and no achieve something,” Leach said.

    Senator Leach said there have been a lot of discussions, people trying to reach agreements. But ultimately he thinks if the bill as is were to get to the floor, it would pass.

    “Senator Scarnati has some concerns and again I've spoken to him, I don't think his concerns are rational but I think there are ways to address them,” Leach explained.

    Senator Leach said he will continue to look for compromises and additions the bill that could address concerns.

    “Maybe someone will have a moment of clarity and say oh yes that is the answer and we'll be able to move forward,” Leach said.

    If the senate does make changes to the bill that they can agree on it will then have to go back to the house as well which could take time.

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