One day baseball camp brings joy to kids with special needs


Thursday was a beautiful day for baseball, but some kids never have the chance at bat.

Some of the kids playing ball are unable to speak or walk, but all of them are able to understand the joy of sportsmanship.

Imagine a magical baseball game where there are no rules, where the second baseman dances, where every hit is a homerun and where a run can be a roll.

"It’s been one of the best days we’ve had here on the field," said Dickinson College sophomore Patrick Davis.

Twelve-year-old Ellie Smarr is the brainchild of a one-day baseball camp for children with disabilities.

"My teacher, she had us at the beginning of the year choose something that we’re passionate about and mine was raising awareness for kids with different disabilities," said Ellie Smarr.

That's because Ellie's older brother, Nick, has Down Syndrome.

"There was a Senators commercial on, and he went "Ding!" which is what he does when he gets excited about something or has a great idea he thinks," said Smarr.

Ellie had a great idea too. Her plan was to get the Dickinson College baseball team to spend one day with 19 Life Skills students from Carlisle High School and Wilson Middle School.

"He loves the game of baseball and wanted to come out here and be part of our team for the day, and so he got the opportunity to do that and got us to do that and you can’t say no to that," said Davis.

Together they were hitting balls and catching balls, and of course throwing balls.

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