Norfolk Southern Railroad is hiring


A booming economy bringing more jobs and freight trains to Central Pa.

"Projecting much more business to come our way,” said Dwayne Hoover, Locomotive Engineer.

Currently, freight rail volumes are at their highest levels in more than a decade.

"We move freight for every different commodity group, so when the economy is doing well, we are doing well,” said Eric Peters, Norfolk Southern Superintendent.

With the economy on track to more growth that means the need for more conductors to push that freight to its destination.

"From this location we service a lot of the eastern ports, so a lot of the traffic is coming here to be either exported out or imported and we are shipping it across the nation,” said Peters.

On average 90 trains come through Harrisburg each day. Varying from 6,000 to 10,000 feet in length. The Harrisburg metro sees more train traffic than the average city along the east coast. Even more train traffic is expected with a wide variety of goods.

"From lumber to grain,” said Peters.

"Coal is coming back, automobiles,” said Hoover.

Engineer Dwayne Hoover says the list goes on.

"It all seems to be picking up,” said Hoover.

The last time demand for goods has been this high was back in 2006. Harrisburg a central location to handle this demand.

"Harrisburg connects to so many different places and that's why we see such an increase here,” said Peters.

"We can pretty can pretty much take traffic in, filter it and spread it out to trains going out to all destinations,” said Peters.

So, with a strong economy Peters predicts this train traffic trend will continue.

"We expect to keep doing well for quite sometime, and that's one of the reasons for the big hiring push, we see this as not just being a flash in the pan, but something that's going to be constant,” said Peters.

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