"Nobody is Against the Law" protests draw crowds around the country


Thursday night more than one hundred people stood on the steps of the capital to participate in a nationwide protest that "Nobody is Against the Law."

Their message they said is simple.

“What do we do when there is obstruction?” They chanted. “Stand up fight back.”

The protesters hope to send a message to President Donald Trump to keep special counsel Robert Mueller.

“What do we do to save Mueller? Stand up fight back?”

They fear with Attorney General Jeff Session's forced resignation, his replacement, Matthew Whitaker will undermine the investigation.

“I think he's been placed there purposely to shut down the investigation,” Bradley Uffner, a Harrisburg protester, said.

Whitaker has openly criticized the Mueller probe. CNN at one time used him as a legal commentator, in 2017 he made comments about Mueller’s Russia investigation on the air.

“I could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment, and that attorney general doesn't fire Bob Mueller. But he just reduces his budget so low so his investigation grinds to almost a halt," Whitaker said.

“We have to get Whitaker to recuse himself because he's already made it clear he wants to stop this Mueller investigation,” Jessica Marquez-Gates, another protester, explained.

The wave of protesters continued well beyond Harrisburg.

“The sort of forced resignation of Jeff Sessions is kind of the first real sign that Trump is making concrete action to end an investigation into his own possible criminal actions,” Blake Gifford, who protested in York said.

In Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Boston, just to name a few, thousands chanted the same messages in unison.

"We are asking that there are some regulations put in place to protect the investigation and the contents of that investigation," Kimberly Spencer, the Boston protest organizer, said.

Harrisburg protesters stood outside for about an hour. The participants ranged in age.

“I feel like being out here today we are all showing that we can unify,” Kyle Jacobs said while protesters gathered behind him chanting about standing up against the President’s decisions.

President Trump is searching for a new attorney general. The possible candidates are believed to include his own lawyer Rudi Giuliani, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and former Attorney General William Bar.

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